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Kenn Rosenberg - Employee Spotlight November 2021

Kenn Rosenberg - Employee Spotlight November 2021

Kenn’s Journey at Home Furniture Plus Bedding:

“It all started when I replied to that small ‘Help Wanted’ newspaper ad. I was actually hired as ‘Employee #1’ for the store on September 1st, 2000. I was the assistant manager for over three years and have been in sales ever since,” says Kenn Rosenberg, salesperson at our Airline location in Baton Rouge, LA.

Before joining our team, Kenn's prior work experience included store manager at a local rent-to-own furniture store and supervisor for Copelands.

Harry Wiggins, store manager, adds, “Kenn has been with Home Furniture for 21 years. He is quick to help and offers his input into issues affecting the sales staff. He also helps to train new sales hires and provides assistance to even the long-term salespeople when needed. He is relied upon for his vast experience and rational thought on how to proceed at unsure times. I am very blessed to have Kenn as part of my sales team and truly appreciate all that he does for the store, customers, sales members, and myself. He is one of a kind and has a great sense of humor that is never in short supply.”

What do you like best about your job?

“I enjoy the challenge of what’s going to happen today, and the best thing is, I get to help people! I feel like I’m the best manager of my business. I’m always trying to make everyone around me a little bit better than they were before we met.”

When Kenn is not at work...

“In my spare time, I love listening to my classic rock collection, and I love the tropical lifestyle. I’m actually building a tiki hut in my backyard right now. It’s called ‘Kenn’s Tacky Tiki Hut,’ and I even have a Facebook page for it!”

The ONE thing most of us may not know.

“That I have a very perceptive gift. I often see things that others don’t see when it comes to details.”

Advice for anyone wanting to join our Home Furniture team?

“Focus. Focus. Focus on what we do. Our job is to take care of our Home Furniture customers. We are the best at creating great customer experiences; we just happen to sell furniture and mattresses! And by the way, every customer first is a Home Furniture customer before they become my customer. Every situation is pretty much 3-sided as a Win-Win-Win scenario. The customer must win. The company must win. And then I will win. But if the customer doesn’t win, nobody wins.”

Born in Ohio and raised in Pittsburg, PA, Kenn moved to Slidell, LA in 1978. He and Julie, his wife of 32 years, currently reside in Denham Springs, LA. And oh, by the way, all three of Kenn and Julie’s sons have worked in the Home Furniture warehouse during their college years, and their youngest still does!