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Krystin Franco - Employee Spotlight June 2022

Krystin Franco - Employee Spotlight June 2022

Krystin’s Journey Here:

Krystin Franco has been with Home Furniture Plus Bedding in Lake Charles for two and half years working, full-time while maintaining a full-time college schedule in Accounting.

What do you like best about your job?

“I like the fact that everyone is very supportive and willing to help me with me working both inside the store at the counter as well as working next door in Accounting. I love how they all encourage me to succeed!”

Gene Bertrand, store manager, adds, “Having Krystin working in our store has been a key element to our success. There are many reasons for this, but the main thing being her determination to do the right thing.

As many of you are aware we have had a ‘whirlwind’ of business over the last year and a half, and Krystin has been in the middle of that whirlwind the entire time. It’s almost funny to say this, but it really doesn’t surprise me as to the excellent level of her work because that is just how good she really is. She is simply a great person to work with and she continues to learn and get better every day.

Even with all of that hard work and focus on display daily, one of the things about Krystin that really shines through is how much she cares for her niece Myla. Any time a conversation changes over to Myla, Krystin just lights up! It is usually a funny story or situation, but the way Krystin delivers that conversation fully conveys a message of who she really is.

She is also very focused on school and somehow manages a work/academic schedule that leaves neither side lacking excellence.

One more thing about her is her keen sense of humor. You ALWAYS have to be ready with Krystin around—because if you aren’t she’s going to cleverly slip in a ‘joke’ cleverly hidden as a ‘teaching moment’. Grammar, proper STORIS procedures, and ticket errors are her favorite targets and no one is safe!!

I’ve been at this job for a long time, and I’ve been fortunate to meet many really good, hard-working people that I’ve admired and been proud to work alongside. Krystin is definitely one of those people.

I look forward to seeing Krystin continue to grow both with our company as well as academically in her accounting field of study.”

 When Krystin is not at work:

“I really like to read, but these days, when I’m not at work, my free time is occupied with school and studying.”

 Advice for anyone wishing to join our Home Furniture Team:

“You must accept that the work can be demanding, but the work culture is unlike any other place. It’s a great team!”

Wil Weston, assistant store manager, adds, “What can I say about Krystin & her work journey since she has been here? It has been one amazing transformation from the beginning up to now. She truly cares what goes on with her co-workers as well as with the customer. She has been very enthusiastic about learning how Home Furniture operates from the front counter to the warehouse and even from a management standpoint. She is sweet and polite to everyone that encounters her. Her work ethic has been amazing. With her juggling a full-time school schedule and being a full-time employee, she has been able to perform at a high level without missing a beat. From the time I made her my lead, through ‘baptism by fire’ as we call it, she has grown from a young lady into a leader. I remember her saying, ‘Thanks for trusting me so much with the ladies at the front counter.’ Her passion for wanting to know more about the Home Furniture way has allowed her to adventure into our accounting department, which is her college major. Her future is bright in whatever path she chooses to go down. While she is here in the Lake Charles store, we like to call her our ‘Lil GG’ or ‘Wonder Woman.”

 Krystin currently resides in Sulphur, LA, where she was born and raised. She will be graduating in Accounting from McNeese State University in the Fall of 2023.