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Make Your Home Warm and Welcoming from Entry Way to Dining Room

Make Your Home Warm and Welcoming from Entry Way to Dining Room

When people enter your home, they need to know they are in for a welcoming experience. Every room they encounter can be tweaked to feel cozy and beckon them to go a bit further into your space. Scatter unexpected seating areas and arrange your furniture to spark conversation. Here are a few tips to get started.

Begin at the Beginning: Entryway

Many entryways can accommodate a quaint place to sit, take off your shoes, rest after a quick run up the stairs, or find some privacy to read a book. A small accent chair with a chic round table looks warm and functional. Add a lamp and a small picture frame or two for a more personal touch.

You can create an interesting impression of the décor throughout your home with a mix of textures in your entryway. Consider a dramatic faux fur rug paired with an understated table. If your rug makes enough of a statement consider a smaller table and maybe add an interesting lamp.

Remember to make your entryway functional. A welcoming entryway isn’t just a place to hurry past, it can be a place to store items in creative pieces of furniture and even a place to sit down and rest. Keep your design pieces clear of the actual walking path and let people decide whether they intend to stop and stay a while.

First Stop: Living Room

Think about how your living room is structured. Is your standard 3-cushion sofa facing the TV or is it facing the other seating? Is your sectional sofa playing off of other furniture or is it the only seating in the room? Put some thought into the arrangement. Try to make your furniture inspire conversation first, and a good view of the TV second. Have your furniture face each other so conversation can flow. Try to choose an ottoman or coffee table for the center that will allow for board game nights or a quick game of charades.

Next Stop: The Kitchen

It’s inevitable: guests will always end up in the kitchen at some point during their visit to your home. Be sure you have seating at the counter or kitchen island to make guests feel welcome. Stools are a great idea and so is a small breakfast nook style table and chairs.

Final Destination: Dining Room

A dinner party is the perfect way to get friends and family in to your home. If you love large gatherings, choose a table that expands to accommodate 7 or 8 guests, but can downsize for your typical family meals.  Bench seating is also a great option because you can squeeze a few extra people here and there for a truly cozy dining experience.

Use the space you have to encourage your guests to interact. From the entryway to the dining room, let them know they are welcome!