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Mix and Match Furniture Styles to Create A Comfy Home

Mix and Match Furniture Styles to Create A Comfy Home

Can’t commit to just one style? Maybe traditional is a bit too formal, or farmhouse is too casual. Does contemporary style use too many “new” elements for your taste? Well, the great thing about finding your own style is that you don’t have to follow any hard and fast rules. You can mix and match certain elements in your home to create a comfy style that is all your own.

Typically, it’s easier to combine traditional and farmhouse than it is to mix in contemporary. The lines of contemporary and traditional are usually at odds with each other. That doesn’t mean they can’t work together; it’s just a bit harder to find a compromise.

Finding a Compromise

Traditional furniture really refers to any piece that resembles the styles of the 19th century or earlier. Furniture from this time period tends to be made of dark, heavy wood, and is often large. Traditional style is still used often, especially in homes and offices in historic buildings. Traditional rooms feel somewhat formal and furniture pieces are often reproductions or “new takes” on furniture from an earlier time.

Contemporary furniture refers to furniture styles that came about after the 19th century. These pieces tend to utilize lighter wood tones, brighter fabrics, and newer materials like plastic or metal. A contemporary styled home features a focus on clean, light, and functional furniture.

It's easy to see how the two styles could be at odds with each other. However, you can find a balance in your living room. The Mila Accent chair is a traditional wingback, but would look stunning alongside the Dante Living Room set, which is quite contemporary. The trick is finding a blend with the fabrics. The plain fabric on the living room set means that the accent chair will add a bit of color. The Breville Sleeper Sofa boasts traditional curves and would look great paired with the Augusta Blue Accent chair with its contemporary straight lines. It’s all about playing with color when it comes to mixing the two styles.

The Flexibility of Farmhouse

Farmhouse is a theme that actually plays well with others. This style describes a casual “lived in” home that mixes old and new. It’s usually created with a blend of new store-bought furniture and old pieces that have been repurposed or passed down. It pairs naturally with traditional style, as long as the traditional furniture is not too ornate. The Jasper queen bed actually mixes the curves of traditional furniture with the rustic wood of a farmhouse style. The clearly traditional Titian King Bed can easily be paired with the farmhouse style Chateau Door Bedroom Chest. When creating your own style, don’t be afraid to mix woods and textures.

Farmhouse style can also be mixed with contemporary furnishings. Take a look at this great example in the dining room: the Bolanburg Dining set makes use of contemporary lines that also find their way to the farmhouse style buffet from Madison County. The two pieces would complement each other in any dining room.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Just keep an eye on the contrasting colors and look for similar furniture lines to make the pairings easy. It’s OK to throw out the rule book when discovering a style all your own.