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Multi-Tips for Multipurpose Rooms

Multi-Tips for Multipurpose Rooms

Transforming a home into one that is more functional is as easy as turning living areas like the dining room, living room and spare room into multipurpose spaces. A home is more than just a place to eat and sleep. It’s also a place to entertain, work, exercise and play as well. With the right multi-purpose furniture, your home can provide a variety of functions even without much space. Creating a room that serves more than one purpose may sound challenging, however, armed with a few tips, it can be quick, easy, and useful.

Create a Unifying Style

Add a unifying theme to turn your multi-functional rooms from awkward and clunky to pleasing and sleek. For example, if your bedroom also acts as your workspace, your bedroom/office doesn’t have to resemble a cubicle. Consider incorporating soft furniture that’s functional for work but feels like it belongs in a bedroom. An accent chair can serve as a work space and a relaxation area of your room. Look for bedroom furniture with appealing colors and soft lines. The bedroom/office will still be your workspace, but this will keep it comfortable, and the look and feel homey.


Creative Crafting Space

Your dining room probably houses your largest table/working surface. It makes a great location for a sewing machine, scrapbooking area, and general crafting surface. Just make sure you protect your dining room table with a proper heavy-duty cloth. Add a chest with multiple drawers and doors, and you can store your crafting items and work table cloth all within steps of your crafting space. The beautiful look of a chest will blend nicely with your dining area.

Double Duty Pieces

Is it an office, bedroom, living room or multi-purpose dining room? It can be everything! For multi-use rooms, find furniture that can serve several purposes such as:

Not only do ottomans serve as a place to put your feet up and add extra seating, some also act as storage. Ottomans can be used in a game room, TV room, bed room and office. They can be tucked out of the way when not in use and provide storage. These typically open from the top and offer ample place to store blankets, games, and toys.
A reclining sofa is the perfect compromise for a multi-use space. The Legacy Reclining Sofa only takes up the space of a typical sofa but adds the versatility of two recliners.
A daybed in a multipurpose room serves as sofa and bed! Saving money and space, adding a daybed can double floor space in an instant!

With multi-purpose room ideas, it’s not about splitting one room in half where one area serves as a guest room and the other as an office. A multi-use room means choosing the right accessories and furniture that allow you to easily turn a guest room into an office, gym, dining area or nursery when needed, and vice versa. Be smart with your choices, and it will be the most-used room in your house.