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Roy and Larry - Employee Spotlight December 2021

Roy and Larry - Employee Spotlight December 2021
When I (Gene Bertrand, Store Manager) was asked to recognize someone that I appreciate for our employee spotlight, these are the first two names that came to my mind: Roy Myrick and Larry Bellard.

Roy and Larry are still here. They are the last remaining warehouse team members at our Lake Charles store. Over the last few months, we’ve had others attempt to work in the warehouse, but none have lasted. Yet, over all of the years along with the addition of Covid, enduring a pair of hurricanes, an ice storm, and a flood, Roy and Larry are still here and working better than ever.

Roy joined Home Furniture in April of 1997. He came to us from a job working at the cemetery. That’s a great story if you ever get the chance to hear him tell it! He has seen a LOT of things change around this place! A LOT!

Larry originally started with Home Furniture in January of 2001 after working in the auto-detailing business. He was a Home Furniture delivery helper for over 10 years. He left us in May of 2011, but came back in January of 2018! We are so glad Larry came back Home!


Fishing; Cleaning and detailing his car; and cheering on the New Orleans Saints! (During football season, I can always tell how the Saints played just by Roy’s demeanor on Mondays!)


Pets; fishing; and horseback riding (the only things that Larry is nicer to other than our customers are his animals!)

Larry shows great kindness to the Lake Charles Home Furniture kitties—buying them food and making sure they get fed.

It is not unusual to walk into the warehouse and hear the two of them going at it. It really is almost like a sketched and rehearsed comedy. Larry is a subtle instigator (clever and sneaky) and Roy is quite possibly the best at coming up with one-liners that are very hard to beat (I told Roy he missed his calling as a stand-up comic!). You literally can get stomach pains from laughing if you hang around them for a few minutes. And the whole time they are getting work done and taking care of customers.

They were both around with our founder, Ged Fleming, and continue to honor his legacy by exhibiting many of the values he set forth. Although many things have changed over the years, Roy and Larry have always maintained a steadfast work ethic. Tony, Ross, and Dwayne have mentioned on several occasions how good they are and how fortunate we are to have them here. They are absolutely right!

Thank you, Roy and Larry, for being dedicated, loyal, appreciative, courteous, easy-going, responsible, friendly, and reliable!

Written by Gene Bertrand, Store Manager, Lake Charles Home Furniture Plus Bedding