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Furniture to Fit Your Timeshare Condo

Furniture to Fit Your Timeshare Condo

Decorating for yourself is one thing, but taking the style and comfort of strangers into account is another. The key when considering furniture for your timeshare condo is to think “neutral”. You want the space to appeal to a variety of people. You need for them to feel at home in your home.

  1. Used isn't best

    Used furniture for your timeshare may be tempting but it really isn’t the way to go. Consider how much wear and tear this furniture will endure. Your place could have visitors year-round, meaning these pieces will be well loved. Go for new, neutral furniture that appeals to a variety of people. Something like the Telluride sofa: it’s a solid color and looks and feels like a typical couch in most homes.

  2. Buy the Set

    Even if buying the set isn’t your typical choice, you’ll want to consider the entire set for your timeshare. It takes the guess work out of coordinating. Something like the Reed Living Room set is perfect for a shared living space. It’s neutral, comfy and completely coordinated.

  3. Small Space?

    If space is limited, avoid bulky furniture. Find slimmer pieces and opt for seating that has a dual purpose. Consider footstools that double as storage or a sofa that pulls out into a bed. Remember, futons aren’t just for college dorms. They’ve come a long way in terms of style. The Easton Futon looks and acts just like a sofa but provides sleeping room for two. And in the bedrooms, opt for daybeds and bunk beds. Even the master bedroom of a timeshare condo could use extra sleeping room.

  4. Rugs

    Nothing will tie a place together and make it a bit cozier than a few well-placed rugs. Add a rug to the living and sleeping space. Or, if you have an open concept, use different rugs to help designate the living space, dining, space and sleeping space of the timeshare.

  5. Use the Outdoors

    Open things up a bit! If there’s a way to create an indoor/outdoor space, do it! Maybe your deck can serve as the dining area? Make it the dining room by adding all the touches of an indoor dining room. Or use your deck as a hangout by adding outdoor rugs and comfy furniture that can withstand the elements. Great lighting, shelves, greenery and more will help transform a simple balcony into an inviting room of the timeshare!

Treat your timeshare like your second home and a getaway for others. Remember to keep things simple, add storage where you can, and create spaces using the outdoors. People are spending their money on a vacation and they want to feel welcomed and comfortable.