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Nick Scarsone - Employee Spotlight January 2022

Nick Scarsone - Employee Spotlight January 2022

Nick’s journey here:

Nick Scarsone has been with Home Furniture at our Julia Aubin location for over two years. Prior to joining our team, Nick worked at Union Pacific Railroad for 39 years. Nick says, “I stayed with them so long because it was a good job and I have always worked hard and continue to set high standards for myself.”

Charles George, store manager, adds, “Mr. Nick is always at least 30 minutes early for his shift. He is very crafty with tools and keeps our warehouse 100% functional. If there is something he feels will make the job easier, he always puts that in place to help the flow of merchandise coming in and going out of the warehouse doors. Mr. Nick also built racks for our supplies and a tool board to organize all the tools needed to build our floor samples as well as tighten things up when they get a little loose. He has been a leader since his arrival and he is a morning key holder at Store 80. When I was the only manager and my assistant was out for a couple of weeks, Mr. Nick stepped up and opened the store every morning. He’s always willing to help and has a great attitude. He is an asset to our team.”


What do you like best about your job?

“It’s a good environment and everyone is friendly, like family. It also keeps me busy and I love meeting customers when they come for load outs.”


When Nick is not at work:

“I love spending time with my family. I have 4 kids and 4 grandchildren. I also love listening to and playing music as well as fishing. My favorite sport is baseball, but my favorite sports team is LSU!”


The ONE thing most of us may not know:

“I always start my day off with reading a few pages of the Bible. I believe in family and I miss my mom and grandson, Logan, very much.

Born in White Castle, LA, and raised in Plaquemine, LA, Nick and his wife Patsy currently reside in Prairieville, LA.