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Perks of an Adjustable Bed

Perks of an Adjustable Bed
Wondering if you should invest in an adjustable bed? In short, yes you should. But if you need more convincing, Home Furniture Plus Bedding us here to help you make your decision a little bit easier, and prove to you why you need one of our adjustable bed frames in your bed room as soon as possible!

Here are three perks of having an adjustable bed:

1. Relieves Back Pain
Lying flat on your back may increase tension on your muscles and joints. Because adjustable bases allow you to raise your upper body and elevate your legs, they can help you find a sleep position that eases back pain—or keep pain from occurring in the first place. Doctors often recommend sleeping with an elevated head and slightly raised knees to help maintain the natural curve of your spine. You could do this with pillows, but as you move around during the night it’s easy for pillows to get knocked out of place. Those with more serious back conditions, like osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis, may also benefit from sleeping in a neutral position.

2. Reduces Snoring
Nothing disrupts sleep like snoring. Whether you are the snorer, or you sleep next to one, you know this to be true. Snoring happens when the flow of air through your nose and throat is restricted. This inability to breathe properly causes the surrounding tissues to vibrate, resulting in that familiar buzzsaw sound. Sleep position is one of the leading contributors to snoring. When you lie on your back, gravity pulls on your throat and constricts your airway. Raising your head can help keep your airway clear. If you have a snoring partner (or you are the snorer in a couple), consider using an adjustable base with a split king mattress; that way you will each be able to find the position that works best for you.

3. Get In and Out of Bed with Ease
Since an adjustable bed allows you to lift yourself up and lay yourself down with the click of a button. As you get older, you may find it harder to move around in bed. Being able to raise the head of the bed will make it easier to change position and get in and out of bed. Plus, some adjustable bases come with under-bed lighting, so you can see where you’re going if you need to head to the bathroom in the middle of the night or you kicked your slippers under your bed.

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