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A Pub-Style Table Will Transform Your Dining Room or Eat-In Kitchen

A Pub-Style Table Will Transform Your Dining Room or Eat-In Kitchen

It’s easy to think the heart of the home is the living room or kitchen, but the dining room is where mealtime actually happens. It’s where you gather to talk about school, work, and enjoy delicious food with friends. Many times this space is overlooked and just outfitted with a simple table and one or two accent pieces. But a dining room can be so much more if you embrace the special time you spend around the table.

Pub-Style Table

The table is clearly the most important feature of any dining room, but not every home has a separate dining room or space for a table that seats 8. Enter the pub style table. It’s tall, comes in a variety of styles, and feature stools that bring a casual atmosphere to any space.

The defining feature of a pub dining room table is the height. They are higher than the average dining room table at around 34 to 36 inches high, and some go as high as 42 inches. Since they are relatively taller, pub tables create an illusion of extra room. Plus, they prove to be real space savers because many include fold down leaves. They are the ideal solution for small spaces.

Pub tables are the perfect match for eat-in kitchens where they can easily serve as an extension of the kitchen countertop to provide some additional preparation space. What's more, the height of the chairs makes it easier for people sitting on them to have a conversation with the people standing in the kitchen. They can serve as the perfect homework space, conversation space, and even double as a kitchen island.

Pub tables can be square, round, or oval. Some sets offer stools with back rests, while others are backless and can be easily tucked under the table when not in use. Some pub table sets even offer bench seating for larger family gatherings. The options are endless and practical for your space.

If you are looking for a casual feel with tons of function, don’t ignore the pub table options. Just like your dining room, the pub table can serve multiple functions within your home. Treat it as an important center. Play with styles until you find the one that is perfectly you!