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Repurposing Old Furniture Can Make It Feel New Again

Repurposing Old Furniture Can Make It Feel New Again
Upgrading your bedroom set or living room set? Are you reluctant to put the old furniture pieces by the curb because of their special meaning? Don’t worry, you can do something to help them find new life. You can repurpose your old pieces and make them feel new again. Not every repurposing will require elbow grease, some may just need a good cleaning and a new room!
  • Chaise Lounger

    Whether it’s a stand-alone chaise lounge or one that’s part of a sectional sofa, these beauties pair function and fashion. They are also timeless, versatile, and can easily go into a living room, office, or bedroom. Sometimes the fabric may need to be updated, but the style of the Chaise lasts forever.

    Consider moving your chaise from the living room to the bedroom. Placing it in a corner, adding a floor lamp, and side table will make a perfect reading nook.

  • Low Profile Accent Chairs

    Accent chairs are an American staple. Often patterned and sleek, an accent chair can add a pop of color to any room. If you have a pair of low-profile chairs relocate them to the foot of your bed in the master bedroom. Add a small, narrow table between them and you’ve created a seating area with the unobtrusive feel of a bench.

  • Shaker Dresser

    Shaker furniture is a classic for good reason. The simple design and limited ornamentation mean these deceptively plain pieces will never go out of fashion. Remember, they aren’t just for the bedroom. A shaker style dresser can complement a living room, game room or bathroom.

    If you are updating your bedroom furniture, relocate a shaker dresser to the bathroom for storage. Or you can also add the piece to the living room as a place to display pictures and store throw blankets. Just a few nice frames and a vase and an old dresser will feel new again.

  • Dining Room Chairs

    Once you’ve updated your dining room, you may be at a loss for what to do with your old chairs. Place one or two in the corners of a large room as accent chairs. This is especially popular with bentwood chairs. Bentwood chairs are strong, lightweight, and have been used in homes since the 1850s. They complement any decor from classic to contemporary.

  • Small Dining Room Table

    If you are upgrading from a smaller dining room table to a larger one, don’t give your old table away just yet. Some rectangular shaped tables could make a nice buffet if you have space. Others can find a new home in your home office as a workspace. If you do crafts, consider using the old table as a craft area.

The point is to be creative and work with what you have. The options are endless as long as you keep an open mind!