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Ricky Landry - Employee Spotlight April 2023

Ricky Landry - Employee Spotlight April 2023

Ricky Landry
Picker - Distribution Center - Lafayette, LA 

Ricky Landry has been a Home Furniture Plus Bedding team member for 12 years at our Distribution Center in Lafayette, LA. Ricky’s skills in properly “picking” the furniture from storage play a vital role in having the merchandise successfully delivered.

Prior to joining our team, Ricky worked at the same Distribution Center location for five years when it was owned by AutoZone.

What do you like best about your job?

When asked what he likes most about his job Ricky replied, “I like all of the people I work with. I’ve really enjoyed working with my supervisor, Carleen, both at AutoZone as well as at Home Furniture. She’s great!”

Carleen Melancon, Co-Distribution Center Manager, adds:

“Ricky has been with Home Furniture since 2011 operating a picker. He is responsible for picking orders for the stores, home deliveries, and doing putaways. Ricky comes in at 4:00 am every day to start picking transfers for our stores. He always has a pleasant attitude and will always do a certain task when asked to and does it all with a smile and he always replies with ‘no problem.’ He does a great job and is very well respected by all his fellow co-workers. It is a pleasure having Ricky as part of our team at Home Furniture!” 

When Ricky is not at work: 

When asked what he likes to do when not at work, Ricky said, “I enjoy being at home watching sports, especially football and basketball. My favorite teams are the Saints and the Chicago Bulls. I also like going to car shows. I really like the old school muscle cars, like Chargers, Chevelles, and ’64 Impalas! One day, I’d love to have a ’71 Chevelle with a 454!”

The ONE thing most co-workers may not know is:

“A couple of things most may not know is that I’m the youngest of six kids and as a teenager I got to meet a couple of professional wrestlers. I met Junk Yard Dog in Breaux Bridge, LA and I met Ted DiBiase when I was in Orlando, FL,” Ricky replied. 

 Advice for anyone wishing to join our Home Furniture Team:

When asked what advice he would give anyone wishing to join the Home Furniture team Ricky stated, “Pay attention. Learn everything you can and don’t rush things. Take your time and it’ll come to you.”

Born and raised in Breaux Bridge, LA, Ricky now resides in New Iberia, LA.