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Sleep Perfectly in the Comfort of Your Farmhouse Bedroom

Sleep Perfectly in the Comfort of Your Farmhouse Bedroom
Living simply and brightly is a theme that never strays from the hearts of hardworking homeowners. Farmhouse style is the embodiment of casual living and calming relaxation. Your farmhouse theme can extend well beyond the living room or kitchen. A farmhouse bedroom is a feast for the senses and will transport you to a simpler time.
    • Wood

      Rustic but not rough! Look to simple, unpainted (or rustic painted) wood to decorate your farmhouse bedroom. Maybe choose wooden stands, like the Jasper 4 Drawer Nightstand. It has plenty of room for storage, and its rustic paint is perfect for a farmhouse feel. Or you can go for an unpainted nightstand with a real vintage look.

      Your bed can even be a mix of wood like the stunning Hunter King Bed. It uses dark wood on the frame along with a plank headboard to create the perfect statement in a farmhouse bedroom.

      Don’t be afraid to mix and match wooden finishes and textures. Farmhouses tend to blend different elements, and it should be no different in your bedroom.

    • Light Colors

      If you want to stay true to a relaxing and calming farmhouse theme, stay away from bright paint and furniture colors. Instead, rely on throw pillows and curtains for pops of color.

      Check out the Chateau Bedroom Set. Your eye will be instantly drawn to the bed, but the light color means the rest of the furniture will blend. Nothing overwhelms the eye, and the bed can remain the star.

    • Sitting Area

      If your bedroom has the space, try to create a sitting or reading area. Farmhouse bedrooms should be a place to unwind and settle down. A leather recliner or a comfortable leather chair with a slightly worn look, would fit in perfectly with a farmhouse theme.

      If you can’t accommodate a recliner in the bedroom, look to accent chairs to create a seating area. One with a pattern, like the Quarry Hill Accent Chair, will pop out beautifully against lighter colors of the walls and bedroom furniture.

    • Mix Pieces

      The farmhouse bedroom theme lends itself nicely to mixing pieces of furniture. The bed does not have to match the nightstands or dressers. You could pair the Vintage Rustic Dresser with a lighter color chest, like the one from Jasper. It’s not important that items match so much as stay true to the farmhouse style. Adding in pieces passed down from your familyis also another option.

Don’t be afraid to mix varied textures, materials and looks. Hints of metal and pops of color add to the comfy feel of a farmhouse styled bedroom. Just make sure you steer clear of anything glossy or an item that looks too “new.” You want to gravitate towards rustic and “well-loved.”

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