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Small Bedrooms Aren’t a Problem, Find Space with These Tips

Small Bedrooms Aren’t a Problem, Find Space with These Tips

Maybe you have a bedroom that isn’t as big as you’d like. You’ve taken furniture out and you’ve moved furniture around, but there’s still not enough room. It feels crowded, it looks crowded, and it is crowded. Here are some small bedroom design ideas to help that small area feel larger than life.

The Bed
First, consider the bed. It’s the biggest piece of furniture and the focal point of the room, but it can do more than just lie there and look pretty. Enhance it to provide more storage, or move it around to open things up. Many stylish beds offer more than just a place to sleep. Storage beds feature drawers that pull out from under the bed frame, creating a convenient place to stash bedding, linens and perhaps some clothes. Maybe you can eliminate or downsize a dresser or chest, and even make room for a queen storage bed. Storage beds are available with drawers on one or both of the sides, or under the end of the bed, so there’s an option that will work best for your bedroom layout.

Other Furniture
When you’re setting up your small bedroom design, place the largest objects first. After your bed, the second big item is your dresser or chest. Another substantial piece might be a desk or a bookcase. Keep it simple. Sometimes you might free up square footage by pushing that chest or desk into the corner. Fill in the room with tables, nightstands and other small bedroom furniture, being careful not to crowd things.

When you have your biggest items in place, walk around to get a feel for how it performs. Are there tight passageways? Do you bump into things? Can you open all the drawers? How about your closet doors?

Look Up
When selecting a chest or a bookcase, favor tall and narrow over broad and short. Check out ladder bookshelves, which provide generous storage while jauntily leaning against a wall. Also, use the vertical space in your closet. Use high shelves, side shelves, storage units, and even a small chest or bookcase. Storage organizers that attach to hanger rods can reclaim some unused space.

You can’t change the actual size of your bedroom, but you can make it look bigger. Size may not be the only problem if the room has a dark, closed-in feel. Bring in some color and light. Consider using white along with an accent color, and make sure your curtains can easily welcome in the sun.

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