Sofas and Loveseats

Sofas and loveseats are popular furniture items that no home or apartment is complete without. The right sofa or loveseat can complete a living room and are an essential furniture item for many homes. They provide a comfortable place to rest, socialize, read or watch television. Sofas and loveseats can provide additional seating when you’re having dinner or when you have people over, and are a family favorite.

Pets especially enjoy having the cozy upholstery to snuggle on, as will your family and friends. There are many different kinds of sofas and loveseats, and this guide will help you pick the right one for you.

An interesting fact about the word sofa is that it is found in all of the Romance languages as well as English and German, speaking for the ubiquity of it in homes all over the world. It comes from the Arabic “soffah,” which means a raised and richly carpeted bench or platform upon which to recline.

Larger seating made for more than 2 people became popular in the 17th century to accommodate the larger dresses of the time. Now, sofas are found in homes all over the world and are popular places to eat, rest and entertain.

Some consideration to keep in mind when shopping for a loveseat or sofa is the size of the space you have. Be sure the new furniture piece fits in the space that you have allotted. Another thing to keep in mind is the type of fabric used in making the sofa. Some use upholstery, such as fabrics that are man made or synthetic. Lighter couches might look nice but can hold stains easier, so if you have pets or children you might want to keep that in consideration. Other types of couches or loveseats are made out of leather or faux leather or wicker.

Types of Sofas

There are regular sofas and there are sofa beds, which pull out to make a bed. Sofa beds are popular for people who have visitors and need to accommodate them with a place to sleep. They might be heavier than regular sofas because of the bed, but anyone with a lot of family or friends will make use of the sofa bed.

Sofas can have static backs or movable backs, where one or more seats can recline. Static backs are always at the same level and they are simpler.

A standard sofa is described as a “three seater”, and this is a term you might see when you are shopping for a new sofa.

Sleeper Sofas

The most popular kind of sleeper sofa is the pull out bed. It includes a mattress that folds up into the couch. The modern sleeper sofas offer guests a cozy place to rest, and are improved over older models. A pull out bed has a back that remains upright, and the bed part pulls out for a cozy place to sleep. When it isn’t being used, the bed folds back into the sofa.

Futons are similar to pull out beds, but they work by the back of the sofa folding down and making a soft sleeping surface. A sleeper couch has pieces that rearrange to make a sleeping surface. A convertible bed is different from a sleeper bed because it does not include a mattress, rather just a soft place to lay down. It can be more comfortable or less comfortable than a pull out bed, depending on the quality of the mattress and the sofa.


Loveseats have two cushions, so they are a smaller sofa than the traditional 3 seater. It is called a 2 seater as well. These are smaller, and can be a complimentary furniture unit to a sofa or simply used on their own. Loveseats can range in length from 50” to 70”. The three most common types of loveseats are contemporary, modern and traditional, with different design elements distinguishing them.

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Badlands POWER Reclining Sofa - Dark Brown

Badlands POWER Reclining Sofa. Dark Brown Faux Leather. Power Features! Extended Footrest. USB Port.

Badlands POWER Reclining Sofa - Light Brown

Badlands POWER Reclining Sofa by HomeStretch. Mushroom Brown. Look and Feel of Leather. Power Activated Features.

Santa Monica Reclining Loveseat - Mocha Brown

Santa Monica Reclining Loveseat by HomeStretch. Durable Mocha Brown Microfiber. American Made.

Santa Monica Power Reclining Sofa - Mocha Brown

Santa Monica Power Reclining Sofa by HomeStretch. Durable Mocha Brown Microfiber. American Made.

Santa Monica Reclining Sofa - Mocha Brown

Santa Monica Reclining Sofa by Homestretch. Durable Mocha Brown Microfiber. American Made.

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