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Spicing Up Your Office Space

Spicing Up Your Office Space

You walk into your office and there’s a desk with your big bulky monitor on top. The setup doesn’t exactly motivate you to hit the ground running, so how can you spice up your space without breaking the bank? Little accents go a long way. Here are our top 5 ways to add a little flare to your workspace.


1. Add some pictures

There’s nothing like a sweet family photo or an inspirational quote to remind you throughout the day of your goals. Grab a set of matching frames that contain photos of your kids, your spouse, or even your pup. Whatever or whoever inspires you day-to-day should be showcased and displayed in a frame you love.


2. A bookcase

Nothing cures a little writers’ block or research itch like a bookcase with all your favorites. Whether its books about how to increase sales, how to deal with a boss you don’t agree with, or a book with all of your favorite quotes from episodes of Seinfeld, a bookcase that holds all your paperback treasures is a perfect way to add some comfort to your office.


3. Frivolous décor

It might sound silly, but adding a bulletin board, a framed map, or even a bowl of brightly colored Post-it notes can liven up your desk and office. These little treasures show off your personality and can also serve as a convenient place for fun office supplies. Don’t be afraid to display your favorite athlete’s bobblehead or a vase for flowers. If you don’t know which items may go together, our stores have plenty of spaces setup for your reference.


4. Accent lamps

Being under florescent lighting for eight or more hours at a time can make the day seem to go on forever. An accent lamp can do wonders for when you have to type up a strategic brief or have to eat lunch at your desk. When there’s no windows in your office, a little soft light can do wonders for your mood.


5. Rugs

Adding a small rug to your office can serve many purposes. Adding some color to your brown carpeted cubicle can brighten your space and show off your personality. If you work in an office where you can hear a pen drop, a small rug will help absorb the noise.


It’s easy to spend most of our day at the office; it often acts as our second home. Just as you make your home fit your comfort and needs, so should you show the same attention to your office space. Make your desk a space to be productive as well as an inspiration to achieve your goals.