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The Making of a Man Cave

The Making of a Man Cave

It can be tempting to just grab a few pieces of discarded furniture, haul them to your man cave, and call it a day. But your man-cave could be so much more! It can be a place to display trophies, play video games, relax and have a drink: a man-cave can be so many things. Let’s tackle a few issues that will help create the ultimate masculine spot.

  1.  Mix Used with New

Used furniture for your man-cave is perfectly fine, but spend a little time on a few new pieces. If you use an old sofa, add a few new side tables. Or if your old lounger finds its way to the cave, buy new lamps. Mix a bit of the “well loved” with “will be loved” furniture.

  1. Trophies and Mountings

It’s easy to put mounted game up on the wall at your man-cave. It’s a great way to show off your trophies, but be sure that’s not all you have adorning your walls. Add family pictures, shelving, travel photos and more! Consider grouping any hunting or fishing trophies together for a more updated look.

  1.   Limited Space

If space is limited, ditch the overly masculine and bulky furniture. Find slimmer pieces and opt for seating that has a dual purpose. Consider footstools that double as storage or a sofa that pulls out into a bed.

  1.  Seating with a View

A popular function of many man-caves is gaming or watching a large screen. That means every seat in your cave has to be “the best seat in the house.” You have to take into account comfort and view. Sectional sofas are the perfect pieces of furniture to ensure a good look at the screen and a comfy place to settle in.

  1. Entertainment Center

While video gaming may not be the primary focus of your man-cave, having a quality entertainment center helps to have a quality viewing experience. Depending on your needs, you may want to hang your TV on the wall and use a TV Stand underneath. This type of entertainment center can serve as a place to set a large TV on top or just hold the essentials like a gaming console and cable box. Some also have the added bonus of being a fire place.

You can also opt for an entertainment center with more storage, one with room for every entertainment device in your house. It can be a home for multiple consoles, streaming devices, smart home devices, and more.

Take a little bit of time to discover the uses of your man-cave. Don’t just throw a few pieces in a room and put your feet up. Spend a little extra time adding touches that will make your time there relaxing.