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The Right Furniture for Homework Spaces Will Put School Front and Center

The Right Furniture for Homework Spaces Will Put School Front and Center

Every home is different. Some have lots of quiet space for thinking and working, while others have to make use of multi-purpose areas. Whatever your situation, you need to create a homework space for your students. Show them that academics are a priority by creating a study space dedicated to homework and school projects. The right furniture for the homework space will help your kids stay organized and be creative.

The space can be in the bedroom, dining room, office, or kitchen. You can create a quiet area anywhere! The key is a comfortable setting that is free from distractions. As you are evaluating each spot, consider the following:

Electric outlet placement
Internet access
Desk and chair space

Here are a few ideas.

In the Dining Room:

As one of the few large working surfaces in the house, a dining room is a natural homework area. You can make the space more dedicated to homework by adding pieces that provide storage. But don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice the look of your formal dining room. A hall tree has hooks for each backpack and drawers for keeping homework supplies out of sight. Its gorgeous barn wood exterior will not clash with the formal setting of a separate dining room.

In the Kitchen:

If you have an eat-in kitchen, breakfast nook, or large island, the kitchen can be a great place for homework. The drawers and cabinets provide lots of storage. Try dedicating a cabinet and drawer to homework supplies. If your kids will be working at the island, make sure they have supportive barstools. Stools without a back will be hard on little bodies after a while.

In a Shared Bedroom:

If you have more than one child in a room, creating separate study areas for each of them can be tricky. If you have the space, line up separate desks along one wall and place a dresser or a set of shelves in between them to make clear zones.  The homework area will remain sleek and unimposing while being separate and functional.

In a Home Office:

You can share your work space with your child after school. Maybe invest in a desk of their own for the space. Something that will not ruin the grown-up look and feel of your office space, but has room for a laptop and notebooks. Look for a desk that could be perfect for handwriting assignments for younger students and computer work for older students. Make sure you also spare some room for storage of homework supplies.

If you do decide to dedicate some of your office working space to homework, let your kids create and hang some art or frame a photo of the family and keep it on their desk. Make sure they realize the space is truly “just for them.” A dedicated homework space will get your child in the mood to work. Stick to a consistent schedule in a consistent space, and homework time will become less of a hassle.