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The Right Furniture Pieces Will Make Your Farmhouse Kitchen Come to Life

The Right Furniture Pieces Will Make Your Farmhouse Kitchen Come to Life
It’s a lasting theme in many American homes: the farmhouse style. A farmhouse-style home uses “shabby chic” elements from bygone eras to pull together a comforting and timeless look. While an entire house can be modeled after a farmhouse theme, this style is especially effective in a kitchen.

Modern farmhouse style takes into account a few cozy features like rustic wood, light colored palette, and vintage trimmings to create a relaxed and perfectly lived-in space. Elements of nature can be found throughout these rustic-country kitchens.

The finishing touches are everything when it comes to the farmhouse style. The devil is definitely in the details. Steer clear of using fake flowers, kitschy signage, and anything over-the-top. Instead, complete your design with these style ideas and you'll be ready to create meals and relax in your space.

Limit Built-Ins

There’s more to a farmhouse kitchen than cabinets. The most beautiful designs typically leave space for non-built in furniture to accommodate your storage needs. A buffet, like the Mason Barn Wood Buffet, is perfect for anything from wine glasses to china. It also serves as an extra countertop if the need arises.

Room for Display

You’ll want to reflect your family in your kitchen design. Family heirlooms, such a jewelry boxes, clocks, and china function as meaningful and sentimental decor pieces. The Isabelle Curio Cabinet can give you a place to show off your family history. However, not all displays have to be so formal. You can simply spread your heirlooms around your kitchen, by taking advantage of tabletop displays.

Embrace Wood

One of the key design elements for a farmhouse style kitchen is rustic wood. This can be reflected in your cabinets and countertops as well as in your accent pieces. Something like the Kennedy Storage Bench is perfect for extra seating in your kitchen space. It’s useful and adds a finishing touch to a breakfast nook or kitchen entryway. The Sandals Accent table can add extra working space and a pop of color. Look to wooden pieces to add authenticity.

Dining Space

Embrace the casual and relaxed vibe of your kitchen with a rustic dining table. For a smaller space try a table with bench seating. A larger space could accommodate this Bolanburg dining set that uses lightly painted wood and natural colors. Even if your formal dining room is separate from your kitchen, try to have some place to eat within your space. A smaller wooden table with mismatched chairs could carve out the perfect breakfast nook.

Keep things simple, natural, and relaxed. A farmhouse kitchen needs to be a place where your family can come together. The space should be inviting and feel lived-in without being cluttered.