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The Versatile Daybed: A Piece of Furniture You’ll Use Day in and Day Out

The Versatile Daybed: A Piece of Furniture You’ll Use Day in and Day Out
It’s seating, a bed, and a guest room all in one. A daybed is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you could have in your home. A daybed is usually a twin bed that has three sides. The look is reminiscent of a deep sofa and just as comfy.

In fact, a daybed and a sofa take up around the same amount of space in a room. When you take into account the frame and back pillows of a sofa, the measurements tend to be the same as a daybed. They are ideal for camps, cabins and cottages where space is limited and sleeping accommodations are at a premium. If using your daybed as a sofa, be sure to choose sturdy pillows that will serve as the back cushions and choose a frame that won’t dominate the room. Some daybeds look more like sofa’s than beds, just look at the Ellie Daybed! If that will be its primary use, just look around until you strike the right balance.

They come in a variety of materials from metal to wood and fit any décor. For a room that will serve multiple functions, like a college dorm or teenager’s bedroom, daybeds are the way to go. They are more comfortable than futons for sleeping but offer a place to lounge without taking up too much space. They are the perfect companion to study groups offering ample seating without having to stretch out on the bed.

Daybeds can also be great for the home office. Many home offices’ have to serve two purposes, office and guest room. The daybed can offer seating and keep the room looking professional and tidy. A daybed can also offer a creative thinker a place to spread out and work, offering a change of scenery from the desk.

The versatile daybed also works well in a game room or toy room. It’s the perfect place to relax and watch a movie or build a fort out of pillows! It also keeps a low profile while offering guests a place to sleep, turning the toy room into another bedroom.

Daybeds can also be a major space saver for a young adult just starting out on their own. A daybed in a studio apartment serves as a sofa and a bed! Saving money and space. Invite friends over to watch a movie then stretch out in your comfy bed after the party ends. Daybeds turn every room into a living room and bedroom.

Most daybeds will accommodate a trundle for added sleeping space and easy cleanup. Many are high enough off the ground to store anything from toys to clothes.

If you have a room that will have to serve multiple functions, a daybed is the way to go. Shop around and find the right look to fit your style. The perfect daybed will add life to any room!