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Tips for Arranging a New Bedroom Set

Tips for Arranging a New Bedroom Set

Is your bedroom making you tired in all the wrong ways? Don’t let your master bedroom be a place you only want to be in with your eyes closed. Spruce up your space with a new bedroom set and rearrange your furniture with these tips from Home Furniture Plus Bedding serving East Texas and Louisiana, and check out our
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Bedroom Arrangement Tips

Here are some general tips for arranging your bedroom furniture: 

  • Choose the most practical wall for your headboard to rest up against. As is often the case with small bedrooms, there may only be 1 wall in your room that makes sense for the placement of the headboard or the head of the bed. Locate the wall that works best for this purpose and build your layout around it.

  • Center your headboard along the wall for symmetry. If you want to be able to walk around all the sides of your bed, centering the bed along the wall with space left on either side may be the best choice. If you choose this option, try to keep the rest of your layout relatively symmetrical and balanced.

  • Align the bed toward 1 side of the room to accommodate large furniture. Pick the most practical wall to press your headboard against, but instead of centering the bed along the wall, slide it over to one side. This may leave some extra space in front of your closet door, or it might allow you to squeeze a larger piece of furniture along the opposite wall.

  • Push the bed into a corner to open up the floor space. This arrangement can be perfect for long, narrow spaces. Place your bed in the corner of your choice, with the headboard and 1 side of your bed touching the walls. This will leave the rest of the room open for other furniture items.

  • Situate the head of the bed beneath the lowest part of a sloped ceiling. Sloped ceilings can make small rooms feel even more compressed, but proper placement of your bed will alleviate this issue. Push the head of the bed along the wall beneath the low point of the slope. In most cases, this is practical because you’ll be lying down and won’t miss the lost headspace.

  • Arrange other pieces of furniture around the bed, as the bed is the most important part of the room. Other pieces of furniture like dressers, nightstands, desks, accent chairs, or any other desired pieces are placed after the bed is in the perfect position for the most ideal sleep!

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