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Tips for Choosing an Impressive Dining Room Set

Tips for Choosing an Impressive Dining Room Set

There are many factors involved with choosing a dining room table, and sometimes the size you need isn’t an obvious choice. For instance, are you someone who loves to entertain, but feel that having a large dining room table wouldn’t be practical for your everyday life? Do you have a small dining area that you want to make the most of for everyday use and the occasional guest? 
Whether you have a large dining room or limited space, Home Furniture Plus Bedding serving East Texas and Louisiana is here with some tips for choosing an impressive dining room set.

Perfect Fit
There are a couple of factors you should consider before determining the ideal dining room table size and shape for your space. First, consider how many people you would like to regularly seat around the table. When trying to determine how many people will need to fit around your table, look at your daily routine.

Rectangular tables and extension tables are a great choice for narrow or long rooms. Round or square tables work best in smaller or square rooms. A basic rule of thumb for figuring out which size table will best fit your space is to make sure that the edge of the table has at least three feet of space between it and the wall or other obstruction. This will allow you and your guests to easily move and sit down around your table.

The great thing about extension tables is that you can add one or more leaves depending on the table and your needs. If you are having the in-laws over for dinner and only need a couple more place settings, simply insert one leaf.

 Find Your Perfect Dining Room Set at Home Furniture Plus Bedding Serving East Texas and Louisiana

 Having your friends and family around you is a great feeling, and knowing that however many people you entertain at your home will be able to fit comfortably around the table gives you the freedom to entertain as much as you want. Having a stylish and functional expandable dining room table opens many possibilities and is perfect for making the most of your dining room. To find your perfect dining room set today, visit one of our eight locations across East Texas and Louisiana today!