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Tips for Choosing the Right Upholstery for Your Lifestyle

Tips for Choosing the Right Upholstery for Your Lifestyle

One of the main decisions you need to make when it’s time to buy new furniture is which type of upholstery would work best for your household. Home Furniture Plus Bedding serving East Texas and Louisiana is here with a few tips on how to make sure you get the right upholstery for your taste and lifestyle!

If you live in a household that has small children and/or pets, you will likely want to choose upholstery that has a higher level of durability. Some fabrics on the market today are actually technologically designed to withstand stains and damage and allow for easy cleaning! Kid and pet-proof fabrics allow you to get the furniture you want without the headache of trying to get stains out.

Quality leather that has a stain-resistant finish is also a good choice if you are looking for a durable, stain-resistant cover that’s made to last, but it does need to be properly maintained.

When it comes to fade resistance, the need depends on where your furniture will be placed. If your furniture is going to be in your sunroom next to a window, or in a room that has a high amount of natural light, you’ll want to look into getting fabrics that will resist fading.

If you struggle with allergies, you can get upholstery that will resist the accumulation of dust and other allergens which also lengthens the lifespan of the product.

Your furniture’s upholstery should complement the style and character of the piece itself along with its surroundings. For example, traditional style upholstery often works best on a traditional frame in a traditional setting.

Define Your Style of Upholstery at Home Furniture Plus Bedding Serving East Texas and Louisiana
The look and feel of your upholstery will also greatly affect the overall feel of the room you place it in. Some fabrics appear more casual, and others appear more formal. Choose one that reflects both your style and the mood of the room! If you’re ready to find the upholstery that matches your style today, visit one of our eight locations across East Texas and Louisiana today!