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Tips For Furnishing Your First Home

Tips For Furnishing Your First Home

So you’ve bought your first home – now what? You very well can’t sleep on the hardwood floors you just paid for using a substantial down payment, but you also have to keep an eye on your furniture budget. However, you don’t have to sacrifice quality simply because you don’t have a massive budget. Home Furniture Plus Bedding serving East Texas and Louisiana is here with some tips on how to personalize your brand new home without the dread or anxiety.

Establish Your Style
Before you even take out your checkbook, think about the style of home you’d like to have. Do you lean more toward sleek and modern styles that have sleek lines and urban vibes? Or do you want to emulate a more traditional style that have a timeless look and remind you of when you were growing up? Having an idea of your style will help you and your sales rep choose furniture that suits your new look.

Neutrals for Large Pieces
Yes, a sectional sofa with a large pattern may be Pinterest-worth, but it’s hard to match and decorate with that as the centerpiece. Think neutral when choosing big pieces such as sofas and tables. You can always replace accent pieces pillows, wall art, or other décor, but replacing these pig pieces is a heavy investment.

Shop Clearance
There’s nothing wrong with pursuing the clearance section, especially at Home Furniture. Sometimes you can find the perfect bed frame or recliner for a discounted price. These pieces will have your empty house feeling like a real home.

Prioritize High-Traffic Rooms
Don’t blow your budget on the spare bedroom closet. Make sure you account for furniture that will have the most use in your home. If you know you’re going to watch a lot of Netflix on a comfy couch, make sure you let your sales rep know that’s a piece you’ll need first and foremost. Be realistic with how you spend your time and what your budget is.

Furnish Your First Home With Home Furniture Plus Bedding
Buying your first home is super exciting, but it does come with a few stressors. Let our furniture selection and complete delivery with set up will put your mind at ease when it comes to filling your brand new home.