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What Makes Traditional Style Furniture, Traditional?

What Makes Traditional Style Furniture, Traditional?

It’s likely you’ve walked into a furniture store and have been asked about the style of the furniture in your home or the style you’d like to implement. Modern? Rustic? Farmhouse? One of the most classic styles that will remain relevant for years to come is traditional style furniture. Home Furniture Plus Bedding serving East Texas and Louisiana is here to dive into some of the elements that make furniture more on the traditional than modern.

Wood Accents
Most traditional pieces have dark, wooden elements associated with them. You are likely to find vertical, classic lines in the architecture of the pieces that are not distracting. Some wooden elements might even contain some ornate carvings that add and don’t take away from the overall style of the piece.

Neutral Colors
The color palette you’ll find in traditional furniture is usually understated. You’ll find most colors in a mid-range of tones with either very dark or very light colors acting as accents. If you want to implement traditional style in your home, you’ll want to steer clear from neon, bright patterns, or jarring combinations.

Accent Pieces
The accent pieces you find in a traditionally styled home do not draw lots of attention to themselves. They are meant to bring the whole room together and provide a homey and calm feeling. You might see this in the forms of lamp pairings, plants, mirrors, framed prints, vases, and ornate books. Typically these objects are placed to have balanced symmetry as well. If you happen to have a variety of antiques, these are perfect accents in any room. These can provide a sense of nostalgia as well as a timeless style.

Simplicity is Key
When thinking of traditional style, simplicity should come to mind. You won’t want an overly cluttered coffee table or a loud piece of art on the walls. For window treatments, you’ll want neutral-colored curtains that are mounted up high. A rug here and there is okay, but letting your polished floors to shine is a staple of traditional style.

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