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Turn that Above the Garage Apartment into a New Hangout

Turn that Above the Garage Apartment into a New Hangout

You probably have a great space above your garage you’ve been meaning to get to. You don’t want the hassle of tenants, and the kids are still to young to put that garage apartment to use on their own. Well, here are a few ideas to take that amazing space and create your family’s newest hang out!

A Game Room
Turn that garage space into a game room. Invest in seating that inspires conversation and collaboration. Sectional sofas are the perfect pieces of furniture to ensure a good look at the game board or the screen for video gaming. You’ll also need to consider a table and chairs as part of the design. Look to pub dining room sets to keep the atmosphere casual. Also, don’t forget about storage for those games! Accent pieces with cabinets and open shelves are perfect for game night.

A Theater
The right home theater furniture makes movie night and watching the big game a one-of-a-kind experience. When you have a room that is primarily used for watching a large screen, seating is paramount. Every seat in the home theater has to be “the best seat in the house.” You have to take into consideration comfort and view. Just like with a game room, sectional sofas are great for this space, but so are recliners and a more conventional sofa and love seat.

A home theater is nothing without the main feature: the entertainment center. Depending on your needs, you may want to hang your TV on the wall and use a smaller TV stand underneath, or you can opt for a more traditional entertainment center that has room for every entertainment device in your house. It can be a home for multiple consoles, streaming devices, smart home devices, and more.

A Mancave or She-Shed
It can be tempting to just grab a few pieces of discarded furniture, haul them to your man cave or she-shed, and call it a day, but your space could be so much more! A place to display trophies, craft, paint, and relax and have a drink.

Used furniture for your man-cave or she-shed space is perfectly fine but spend a little time on a few new pieces. If you use an old sofa, add a few new side tables. Or if your old lounger finds its way to the cave, buy new lamps. Mix a bit of the “well loved” with “will be loved” furniture.

A Crafting Space
It’s perfectly fine to head over to the dollar store and buy plastic bins to store your crafts. They are cheap, functional, and will not break the bank. But where will you store those plastic bins? How will you organize the chaos? That’s where high-quality shelving comes in. While the bins themselves can be on the cheaper side, you should splurge on sturdy shelves to manage your storage. An accent cabinet is great for hiding away unsightly plastic bins. It will help keep your craft space neat and tidy while keeping your bins at arm’s reach. You don’t want plastic bins cluttering up your formal dining room, but a beautiful cabinet that doubles as storage will fit right in.

An Office
Tolling away in a dark corner of the attic is no one’s idea of a good time. You can create a home office above your garage. Remember, a home office should be more than a desk and chair. You’ll need some space to stretch out and think. A small lounger or glider rocker can help provide a change of scenery without actually leaving the room! Add a white board for tasks and visualizing, a shelf for books, maybe even a coffee corner with a place to put snacks and drinks.

The possibilities for your garage apartment space are endless. Remember to form a clear picture of what you want to get out of the space from the start, so that way the style will fill unified.