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Turn That Unused Corner into a Crafting Space

Turn That Unused Corner into a Crafting Space

Making your own curtains, scrapbooking old photos, and crafting your own soaps is a hobby that cries out for organization, but not every home has an entire room that can be dedicated to crafting. Don’t worry! Any unused corner of your home can be transformed into a crafting space.

Find the Space
Maybe you have a spare bedroom that’s only used for guests, a formal dining room that only sees food once or twice a year, or even the back corner of a large family room. Any of these spaces can be used for crafting; all they need is enough room for a table, chair, storage, and lots of light. Once you decide on a dedicated space, you can start organizing.

New Uses for Old Stuff
The key to choosing the right furniture pieces for your crafting space is to reuse and recycle pieces you may already have. Don’t go for plastic tables with flimsy drawers. You need a sturdy work space with quality storage. Just because a chest is “meant” for the bedroom doesn’t mean it can’t store crafts! Truth be told, choosing bedroom furniture is ideal because if the home of your craft room is also the guest room, the furniture will blend perfectly.

Craft Perfect Storage
It’s perfectly fine to head over to the dollar store and buy plastic bins to store your crafts. They are cheap, functional, and will not break the bank. But where will you store those plastic bins? How will you organize the chaos? That’s where high-quality shelving comes in. While the bins themselves can be on the cheaper side, you should splurge on sturdy shelves to manage your storage. An accent cabinet is great for hiding away unsightly plastic bins. It will help keep your craft space neat and tidy while keeping your bins at arm’s reach. You don’t want plastic bins cluttering up your formal dining room, but a beautiful cabinet that doubles as storage will fit right in.

The key is to choose pieces that blend into the space that’s doing double duty as your craft space. Make choices that already go with your design scheme and make an effort to keep the space tidy. If you follow these suggestions, you’ll have a usable craft space that goes effortlessly with the rest of your home.