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Turn Your Home into the Perfect Place for a Marvel Movie Marathon

Turn Your Home into the Perfect Place for a Marvel Movie Marathon

There are over 21 movies in the Marvel cinematic universe, and Avengers: Endgame will make 22. That’s a ton of movie watching to get caught up! Your home needs to be ready for the most epic movie marathon to date. If Marvel isn’t your thing, there’s always Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Die Hard, or countless more marathons for family time. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get your home ready for a fantastic movie marathon.

Sofa Seating

When you have a room that is primarily used for watching a large screen, seating is paramount. Every seat has to be “the best seat in the house.” You have to take into account both comfort and view.

Sectional sofas are the perfect pieces of furniture to ensure a good view of the screen and a comfy place to settle in.

•          Chaise Sectionals: A chaise sectional usually has three cushions with the third being elongated into a chaise.

•          L-Shaped Sectionals: These sectionals usually have five cushions: two on one side of the L, two on the other side, and then one connecting the L shape. Basically, it adds a second sofa to your space.

•          U-Shaped Sectionals: U-shaped sectionals typically have a center with two sections extending from either side. They provide the same sitting space as two sofas and a love seat.

•          Reclining Sectionals: Not only is every seat comfy, but they also recline.

Recliner Seating

Recliners are also a great way to add style to your movie-watching space. They take up less space than a sectional and function better than a traditional sofa for this type of space. For a member of your family with mobility problems, check out the power recliners. There are also plush options for an extra comfy feel, or sleek options that will take up less space.

Entertainment Center

Depending on your needs, you may want to hang your TV on the wall and use a TV Stand with Fireplace underneath. You can also opt for a more traditional entertainment center. Larger centers have room for every entertainment device in your house. It can be a home for multiple consoles, streaming devices, smart home devices and more.

Just make sure your family is comfy for quality watching. Happy streaming!