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Understanding How Upholstery Adds Style to Your Space

Understanding How Upholstery Adds Style to Your Space

Ever walk into a home and immediately notice a velvet sofa, or how the leather ottoman draws your eye? That’s the power of choosing the right upholstery or fabric. Making the correct texture choices can change the entire feel and focal point of a room. Let’s explore some options and how they are best used.

Cotton fabrics are one of the most common upholstery fabrics. The choice is durable and can vary greatly on weave, pattern, and finish. Cotton is an outstanding choice for families with children and pets. It can be easily cleaned and comes in endless colors. Consider cotton for your living room, family room, or even game room.

Microfibers are a relatively new addition to home furnishings. Offering a soft and a vast color range, they also resist most stains and can easily be cleaned with soap and water. The looks range from leather to plush and soft velvet. This fabric is a good choice for households with children. Since the color options are almost endless, a microfiber living room can be interesting and a bit intriguing. You can go bold and add fun and whimsy to any room of your home.

Linen is a more noticeable fabric. It is best suited for formal living rooms or adult areas because soiled pieces must be professionally cleaned. It’s also not a good idea to keep linen in direct sunlight since the fabric can fade over time. The upscale nature of this upholstery means that a single accent piece in linen can change the nature of any room. It instantly adds sophistication and texture to every space.

Leather furniture is a tried and true upholstery for a reason. It’s easy to maintain, lasts for decades, even generations, and instantly creates a focal point for any spot in your home. Worn leather has its own character and needs little adornments to make it stand out. It’s perfect for offices, dens, or even sitting areas in your master bedroom.

You can also mix and match any of these fabrics to create outstanding texture schemes throughout your home. The impact of a single leather chair among linen is jaw-dropping. A solid, bright microfiber love seat pairs wonderfully with a patterned cotton fabric. Upholstery will make any piece an accent piece when chosen thoughtfully.