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Updating with a Contemporary Style

Updating with a Contemporary Style

For those who focus on minimalism, interestingly shaped furniture pieces, and sleek and slender lines, the contemporary style is perfect for you. Contemporary style is often minimal but impactful. But how do you style an entire home to fit your modernized mood? We’ve included some tips and tricks to remember.

Sleek and Slender
Big and bulky is the last quality you want when decorating your home to fit a contemporary style. You’ll want to look for furniture that has straight lines and smooth surfaces. You’ll see many of these in the forms of light-colored wood, frosted or clear glass, stainless steel, chrome, etc.

Let the Light Shine
Contemporary style uses as much light as possible to complement its simplistic vibe. While natural light is always best, there are other sources that can be used to brighten up a space. This can be in recessed lighting, wall-mounted fixtures, or even lamp sets. Just make sure that the bulbs you use aren’t too orange or yellow in tint.

Put it in Neutral
Minimalism is key when it comes to contemporary décor. You’ll want to stick to neutrals when it comes to the majority of your items. Tan, white, black and gray tones play off one another but should be in the center of your design choices. An accent color here and there is okay, but you don’t want it to be distracting to the overall calmness of the room. While it may seem dull at first to have an all-neutral palate, you can add different lines and textures that will catch your eye.

Minimal Accents
Accent pieces can feature pops of color such as an abstract painting or decorative vases or bowls. What you’ll want to avoid, though, is any items that stick out like a sore thumb. All accents should harmonize with the rest of your furniture and style, not set itself apart from it.

Flow of Flooring
You’ll want to steer clear of very bright and abstract area carpets when it comes to decorating. When it comes to contemporary style, stick to the basic elements like brick, wood, or carpet that is either plain or has geometric shapes and low pile. Again, the beauty of contemporary style is the timelessness and simplicity it brings.

When in doubt, remember that less is more then it comes to contemporary style. Select furnishings that make a statement without being overbearing at all Home Furniture Plus Bedding locations in SE Texas and South Louisiana. You’ll love the calmness this style will bring to your home.