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Use Your Furniture to Inspire Togetherness: Perfect Choices for Family Night

Use Your Furniture to Inspire Togetherness: Perfect Choices for Family Night

Most families struggle to make time for one another. Kids have countless activities ranging from sports to school to parties. Parents often work long hours in an office, then they have to keep the household running after hours. Finding time together as a family is difficult, but family night doesn’t have to be a scheduled evening. Just coming together to watch a movie or eat dinner can help the family unit stay together. Your furniture choices can go a long way in helping to spark family discussions, fun gaming, and family hang-out sessions.

Living Room Arrangement

Think about how your living room is structured. Is your standard 3-cushion sofa facing the TV or is it facing the other seating? Is your sectional sofa the only seating in the room? Put some thought into the arrangement. Try to arrange your furniture to inspire conversation first and a good view of the TV second. For example, look at how the Traemore Living Room set is arranged in the display picture. Notice how the sofa faces the oversized chair and how every piece allows for multiple people to sit together. This is perfect for a family looking to reacquaint themselves.

Large sectional sofas like the Dellare Sectional with a Chaise naturally mimic this arrangement and they let an entire family effortlessly gather around the TV or table for a night spent together.

Try to choose an ottoman or coffee table for the center that will allow for board game nights! Choose a large surface area that can hold a board or game pieces securely, and don’t forget about video game night. On most gaming consoles, families can play together, so choose an entertainment center that houses your games and movies without sacrificing style.

Dining Room

If it’s hard to get your family together in the living room for hours at a time, consider the dining room. Everyone has to eat, right? Choose a table that seats all of your family members comfortably, without having to drag out an extra stool.

For larger families, go with something like the Madison County Set. It seats 6 and has storage underneath for game night. Smaller families may appreciate the intimacy and versatility of a round table and families with small children could really benefit from bench seating. That way the little ones can all pile on together!

Game Room

Not all homeowners are lucky enough to have an extra room dedicated to games, but if you are, it’s perfect for family time! The best bet in this room is a sectional sofa for seating and a pub style dining room set for eating and board games. Keep the atmosphere more casual in the game room than in the rest of your home. Try to have multiple pillows or ottomans for more seating and arrange the furniture so that the gaming surface is the center of attention. This should naturally place your family facing each other for fierce faceoffs!

Use the space you have to encourage your family to interact. Talk to one another, share a meal, and enjoy your time together.