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Using a Bit of Old-World Charm in Your Decor

Using a Bit of Old-World Charm in Your Decor

If your idea of home is relaxing on cozy pieces that never seem to go out of style, then you are already familiar with old-world charm. The two styles that encompass this charm the most are traditional and farmhouse. Nothing wild or outlandish, just an elegant space meant to be an escape from the world. Traditional and farmhouse rooms are not ostentatious, and furniture pieces are often reproductions or “new takes” on furniture from an earlier time.

What to Look for:

To bring a bit of old-world charm to any room of your house, look for upholstered furniture with classic lines and quiet details. Edges are soft, smooth, and blend together. When looking for fabric designs, think florals, plain colors, muted plaids, understated stripes, and small all-over patterns. Multi-color florals are often a great starting point of a traditional color scheme while solids help solidify a farmhouse look.

To incorporate a bit of farmhouse flair, look to wood that’s rustic but not rough! Simple, unpainted (or rustically painted) wood that can be mixed with newer pieces will help fill any room will glimpses from a bygone era. Wood furniture should follow classic lines and if “too simple” is not what you are after, feel free to go a bit more ornate with light carving details.

When arranging your seating, stick to the typical pieces of sofa, loveseat and two chairs. The space can then be complimented with a coffee table, side tables, ottomans, rugs and more. Consider a recliner that doesn’t look intruding and is not oversized. At least one accent chair will help center the room and help it look like a place for conversation as opposed to watching TV.

In the bedroom, a simple bed with understated dressers and drawers will do the trick. And if your bedroom has the space, try to create a sitting or reading area. Old-world bedrooms should be a place to unwind and settle down.

What to Steer Clear of

Creating a charming and cozy space encompassing a traditional or farmhouse theme means making some sacrifices. This space is not the place for sharp edges or modern art. Steer clear of glass counters, garish ornamentations, and futuristic pieces.

Showcase your cozy space with a light and airy color palette and look to accessories like lamp pairs, plants, mirrors, framed prints, china, and vases. Keep it simple and clean.