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Warmer Colors Will Make You Feel at Home

Warmer Colors Will Make You Feel at Home

If you are drawn to reds, yellows, oranges and various other combinations of these colors, you are drawn to warm colors. These colors have been known to increase adrenaline, breathing rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. The impact these colors have on your body actually make you feel warmer.

They are a great choice for rooms that need to inspire work, like a kitchen or office, or inspire conversation, like a living room. Since warm colors tend to be energizing, you may not want to use a bold warm color as your dominant color in a bedroom.

Warm colors often work well with a more traditional decorating style. If this is your style, try using muted, warm tones as your dominant colors. Contemporary and farmhouse styles usually lend themselves to a cooler palette, but you can use a pop of warm color to add flair.

Living Room

Red raises a room’s energy level, so it is a good choice when you want to stir up excitement. In the living room, red draws people together and stimulates conversation. A red recliner would be a great starter piece to help play to the reds in your living room. Bring in red throws and maybe pops of red in your area rug.

Yellow brings joy and happiness making it an excellent choice for living rooms. It’s energizing and uplifting. The shade of yellow does not have to be intense; it just needs to pick up the hue. An accent chair demonstrates a great way to introduce yellow into your space. The yellow in the pattern is clearly noticeable but not overwhelming.

Play with the browns and beige in your furniture and draw the warm colors out of them with accent pieces and curtains. Neutral colors will look warm and cozy when surrounded by warm colors.

Home Office

You can play up red in your home office by choosing red-stained wood grains or a red accent chair.  A glider rocker is great for the moments when you need to brainstorm away from the office chair. There are many options perfect for warming up an office space. A two-tone brown color will let you add warmer colored pillows that will naturally blend with the chair. You can also use red throw pillows and curtains to warm up your space.


Yellow is a wonderful color to add to any kitchen. Available accent cabinets would help bring out the yellow tones while adding storage along a kitchen wall. Dark brown curios or china cabinets can also pick up the warm colors of a kitchen and reflect them back. Playing to the reds and cherries of a wooden piece is an excellent way to add warmth to an open space.

Don’t be afraid of browns, beiges, and other neutral colors. Many of these colors have warm undertones that will add coziness to your space. Just remember that too many warm colors can make a room feel small and too much of any one color can be overwhelming. Find the right balance for your space.