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What to Understand Before Buying a Sectional Sofa

What to Understand Before Buying a Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are a time-honored classic in the modern American household. They provide ample seating in a way that is useful and design friendly. Whether you’re a fan of modular and clean-lined sectionals, the classic leather sectional, or a kid-friendly and movie-night approved sleep sectionals, there’s a good reason to add one to your living area.

However, the shape and size of the sectional sofa leaves many wondering which to choose for your spaces and needs. First, let’s look at the options.

Chaise Sectionals: A chaise sectional usually has three cushions with the third being elongated into a chaise.

L-Shaped Sectionals: These sectionals usually have five cushions: two on one side of the L, two on the other side and then one connecting the L shape. Basically, adding a second sofa to your space.

U-Shaped Sectionals: U-shaped sectionals typically have a center with two sections extending from either side. They provide the same sitting space as two sofas and a love seat.

Pit Sectionals: These are less common, as they take a large room to work! These sectionals are more like giant beds with a sofa function.

Space Matters
While a sectional may offer more seating options than a sofa, it also takes up more space. A sofa will blend effortlessly into your living room while a sectional tends to dominate the space.

It really depends on the needs of your family and the space of your room. If you need lots of seating and have a large enough space, a sectional is a great option. However, if you have a small family or limited space, then a sofa will work quite nicely.

Personal Preference
This also should play a huge role in the great lounging debate. Which do you like best? Some people prefer the cozy look of a plush sectional, while others want a simple sofa to cuddle up with a good book.

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