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Watch the World Cup In World Class Style

Watch the World Cup In World Class Style

Is your team still in it to win it? If so, you’ll need to turn your TV room into the place to be for the final game! Forget standing room only, make sure your guests are comfy as they scream "goooooooaaaallll" at your flat screen TV!

  • Make every seat the best seat.

    Before the big game, test out your seating arrangements. Any dead spots that can’t quite catch the action? Consider temporarily rearranging your furniture. Maybe even bring in some seating from the rest of the house. Don’t just think chairs, think stools, benches, and pillows too!

  • Replace those throw pillows and blankets with some team flare!

    Bring in the colors of your team! You don’t need logos to match the colors of your team flag. Bright pillows, blankets and even tablecloths in team colors can make all the difference.

  • Wow your guests with a few extra touches.

    Break up your large sectional sofa with a minifridge of drinks! Use the storage in your ottoman as a place to store extra snacks! Use your sofa table as the perfect buffet! Nested tables are a great way to display snacks and get everyone into the spirit of the game.

  • Use a High-Top Table

    Add a high-top table and some chairs to your living room or game room. This serves as a place for fans to eat without spilling nachos on the sofa. High-top tables typically come in the 4-seater variety and don’t take up too much space. They can easily be moved to a corner after game day is over.

  • Theater Style Seating

    If you want to go all out, you can make an investment in theater seating. This is perfect for a game room or home theater. If you can’t spend that kind of money, look into game chairs, bean bags, and large pillows that will provide lower seating options in front of the sofa.

  • Buffet Table

    A buffet table is perfect for sporting events or any events where you are hosting a crowd. Many can serve as display tables or sofa tables after the World Cup. You can even use a buffet table to section off a specific area if you don’t want snacks all over your living room.

  • New TV

    It may be time for a new and bigger TV! There are many price options that offer a quick upgrade. For the World Cup or any sporting event, you may want to have a second TV for outdoors or one in the kitchen. That way no one will miss a second of the heart-stopping action.

  • Go big this World Cup!

    Use your furniture in ways you never imagined (or secretly always wanted to). Create a cheering section or even a penalty box (hey… we know that’s hockey but it‘s still fun!)

Move things around, maybe even purchase a new piece or two to help tie things together. It’s only once every 4 years!