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Your Teenagers Will Actually Thank You for This Bedroom Furniture

Your Teenagers Will Actually Thank You for This Bedroom Furniture
Teenagers present a unique challenge when decorating their bedrooms. They have probably moved past the butterfly wall decals or the monster truck décor of their childhood rooms. Now they are focused on school, friends, and budding interests. They need a unique space to show a bit of independence.

Before we get started, it’s essential to style this new bedroom with your teenager as opposed to for your teenager. Make them a part of the process. Let them know the dos and don’ts for the new space, and set a budget. Remember, they may only be in this room for another few years, so you’ll want to re-think the hot pink paint or the murals of Fortnite.

Multiple-Use Furniture

This is a must for a teenager’s bedroom. Your big pieces of furniture should serve at least two functions. This Emily Bed provides a place for sleep and storage with multiple drawers. If your teen is sharing a room with a younger sibling, give them a space to stretch out with this twin over full Duncan Staircase bed. It also provides drawers for storage.

If your teen will have a room all their own, add a seating area for study groups or gaming. Consider a futon for sitting instead of a chair or loveseat. Maybe opt for the Trina Daybed with Trundle that can serve as a place to sit during the day, a bed at night, and a guest bed. That way, slumber party guests have a space of their own.

Study Area

Your teenager is likely to have a heavy workload at school, so give them a place that inspires creativity and concentration. This Baylen desk won’t take up a lot of space but still has room for a laptop. The open sides make plugging in electronics easy.

They will also need a place to store books and other personal items. This Grove bookcase offers a small drawer for keys and jewelry.

Zone Out

Even though it may be a tight squeeze, try and separate your teenager’s space into useful zones for studying, sleeping, and visiting. Consider creating a social nook with comfy pillows that can serve as chairs. Keep the desk area for work only and encourage them to get some actual sleep in their bed. You may even want to separate the areas with small rugs. Not only will the rugs add warmth, but they can also help set up zones.

Dressers and Nightstands

Teenagers need counter space. They are likely juggling books, smart pads, phones, and laptops. These items need to be within arm’s reach and have a place to charge. Choose a nightstand with a good surface area and place for storage underneath, like this Duncan Nightstand. The dresser should also provide ample storage and a place for them to get ready for all of the social activities that come with being a teenager. This Duncan Dresser with a mirror is perfect for a room housing lots of clothes.

Your teen’s room has to function as a library, hangout, and bedroom all in one. Don’t neglect this space. You’ll notice they will be spending more and more time in there as the teen years roll by. Take the time to find pieces that will make them feel at home but don’t add to the clutter of their room.