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3 Furniture Myths That You Need to Know Before Shopping

3 Furniture Myths That You Need to Know Before Shopping

Remodeling your living area is a very exciting time with many new ideas, options, and products to consider!  But where to start? Which sofa, rug, chair and loveseat combo will work best for you? Home Furniture Plus Bedding serving East Texas and Louisiana is here to bust a few myths to make your redesigning project a bit easier.

Furniture Myth #1: Furniture is all the same.

 It’s critical to have a clear understanding of why you want to remodel your living space.  Some common reasons are:

  •   Addition of pets
  •   Having kids
  •   Doing more entertaining
  •   Empty nest
  •   Downsized or upsized your living space

 All of these life events will create very different needs and require different furniture to best fit your life. This myth can be the costliest because you can potentially end up with the wrong furniture for your unique needs.


Furniture Myth #2: Always wait for the best sale.

Of course, finding the best deal on your furniture is important. Clearance furniture is an excellent option for families, couples, or individuals on a budget. If the time you spend on your brand new sofa or loveseat making memories or just relaxing brings you comfort and joy, you’ve certainly found the best deal.

Furniture Myth #3: I don’t need a shopping plan.

You need a plan. Imagine falling in love with a sofa only to find out it won’t fit into the space you pictured. Measure your space, the door frame, stairwell and anything your furniture will have to pass through to ensure you end up with the right furniture for your home.

Debunk These Furniture Myths with Home Furniture Plus Bedding Serving East Texas and Louisiana

If you don’t have the desire or budget to change the whole room at this time, thinking it through and knowing how the room will eventually come together to offer the best feel will significantly improve the enjoyment of your new purchase. Visit one of our eight locations serving East Texas and Louisiana today and start planning your room remodel!