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Lester Guillot III - Employee Spotlight February 2023

Lester Guillot III - Employee Spotlight February 2023

Lester Guillot III
Assistant Manager - Airline Highway

Lester Guillot III has been with Home Furniture Plus Bedding since 2006. Prior to joining our team, he was a store manager with Barnes and Noble and Office Depot.

What do you like best about your job? 

When asked what he likes most about his job Lester replied,
The thing I like best about my job is watching people grow. I like helping and developing them! It’s nice and rewarding to know that I’ve had an impact on employees’ lives to help them get better.” 

Harry Wiggins, Store Manager adds: 

“Lester is a vital part of the team here in Baton Rouge. He has been involved in the many transitions here at our Airline location over the past 16 years from working in delivery and receiving, to learning the accounting and office side of the store as well. He ensures that the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed every day, often coming in before most are up to make sure that the day flows as it should. He is always involved with helping the sales staff with inventory issues or calming down an upset customer. He is a hard worker that never quits or takes shortcuts and is always in the fight. His efforts allow me and the rest of the team to focus on taking care of the customers and driving sales. I truly am blessed to have him as part of the team, and I can’t imagine the last 16 years without him in the co-pilot seat.”

When Lester is not at work: 

When Lester is not at work he says, I love spending time with my family, watching sports with my son, and visiting with my father. Another thing I love is cooking! It’s my stress relief! People love my gumbo and my mac-n-cheese!”

The ONE thing most co-workers may not know is:

When asked what advice he would give to anyone wishing to join the Home Furniture Team Lester replied, “The main things we look for that one must have to work at Home Furniture are to be friendly, courteous, and honest. This applies to any position. If they possess these qualities, they can go far in the company!”

Born in New Orleans, LA and raised in the suburb of Terrytown, Lester now resides in Baton Rouge, LA with his wife Tracey, and their son, Lester IV.